Bookkeeping Cleanup and Backwork Let Us Do It:

Let us get you caught up with your bookkeeping needs. We know most business owners probably don’t like the paperwork, that is why it has collected on your desk. Our 360 team LOVES IT. Let us do the hard work, so you can focus on your business.


We pride ourselves on bookkeeping services, and probably have a solution going forward for you, to keep information real time and complete.

  • We will get your records up to date, and design and implement solutions for you going forward
  • Our 360team will develop virtual reporting for you to know where your business stand financially at all times

Bookkeeping Cleanup and Backwork Let Us Do It

This package is recommended for small business owners who either need to bring their books up to date in mid-year or need proper bookkeeping for the past year to complete and file their prior year-end tax returns. We do not recommend this package for all clients. If you can say YES to one of the following, you may want to consider the “Backwork360Package”

  • You have not completed any bookkeeping throughout the year
  • You need to catch on on more than 6 months of bookkeeping
  • You have a new business that started this year and didn’t know how to setup a system, so things have piled up

Let us help.

We have developed processes using technology and our many years of experience, and will be able to bring your work up to date.