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Can you easily reference and quickly track all outstanding bills?

Do you know the total amount of your debt on a daily basis?

Are you fully aware of the A/P terms of your current creditors?

Do you know the best techniques for extending busines credit?

A/R & A/P Management | BriteBooks360

360AP Services involves the oversight of all financial activities relating to creditors (people you owe money to). All related transactions are recorded in the Accounts Payable sub-ledger at the time of invoice and displayed as liabilities on your company’s balance sheet.

We offer an industry-specific, real-world approach, with the practical experience and knowledge to manage all aspects of your Accounts Payable. This means immediate referencing of all outstanding bills, a daily-updated and readily available debt balance, instant access to vendor sales terms and so much more. We have expertise in all levels of AP Services, with extensive experience working in, directing, and managing AP operations.

Accounts Receivable Management (AR Services) involves the oversight of all financial activities relating to debtors (people who owe you money). All transactions related to accounts receivable are recorded in the Accounts Receivable sub-ledger upon creation of invoice and displayed as assets on your company’s balance sheet.

360AR Management focuses on improving cash flow, reducing bad debt loss and maximizing the effectiveness of your accounts receivable management system. This means carefully considering the impact of management decisions on cash flow, managing credit risks, and employing proven techniques for extending business credit to reduce outstanding AR. We are ready to help you design, manage and optimize your company’s internal control environment.

Our AR/AP Management Services provide a clear picture of your client invoice to vendor payable ratios. Contact us at (586) 201-3393 for immediate assistance in this critical bookkeeping area.

A/R & A/P Management | BriteBooks360


A/R & A/P Management | BriteBooks360